Limbourg (11K)

Les Nouveaux Frères de Limbourg. For those who want to see great illuminators

012 (14K)

Line spacing generator for calligraphy. Very handy if you want to save a lot of time.

NationalUniorof CalligraphersofRusia (13K)

Union of Russian calligraphers.

Calligraphers_Guild (7K)

Independent Washington calligraphers.

Fohta (13K)

Calligrapher Felicia Brice McFail of Washington

armarium_beatrice_balloy_link (19K)

Workshop Beatrice Balloy. French calligrapher.

013 (14K)

Art of writing and calligraphy: theory and practice. Virtual library Miguel de Cervantes.

014 (14K)

Silvia Cordero Vega. Calligrapher from Argentina.

Gallica_logo.svg (4K)

Digital library of the French national library.

Biblioteca mundial (3K)

World Digital Library.

Manuscriptorium (21K)

Digital library compiling documents distributed by different institutions all over the world.

cambridge (3K)

Digital Library of the University of Cambridge.